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J. Oliver Radley Opticians

Case Study 1

This independent opticians, established in 2003 is a very client orientated business, with a strong emphasis on care and experience throughout a client’s visit.

Finance and space within the practice were limited and it was not commercially viable for Mr Radley to employ a team of receptionists, ‘just in case’ someone telephoned the practice to make an appointment. It is also not acceptable for a member of the team to break off a conversation or consultation in order to answer the telephone. Mr Radley felt very passionately that this would be very rude and undermine the importance of the client, who has taken valuable time out of work or their weekend to visit the practice and see them for expert help or advice.

‘Answer it’ was tasked with taking calls from clients when it was impossible for the team to take calls. All salient information is recorded, if a client is requesting an appointment or a reorder of a product. Mr Radley’s team are advised and the client is called back in a timely manner.

Comments from Mr Radley since using the service.
I am unable to place a £ value on how much using the ‘Answer it’ service has made or saved.  I do know that it make the business tick smoother and more effectively.  We now have the capacity to answer calls more efficiently and from a client perspective they always get to speak to a real person who can advise and pass on an effective message, reassuring the client that they are being dealt with.  As opposed to feeling that they ‘may’ be dealt with if we listen to our voicemail messages, or worse still if they call us back.

I am delighted to be able to delegate this area of my business to ‘Answer it’ as the service means that we are able to spend much more time with clients when they come in uninterrupted. An interruption can cause lost revenue and lost reputation.  It is also true in this day and age as well as this economic climate that as business owners we need to step back from our business and simply look after our clients and customers better than ever before and exceed their service expectations, which in turn will generate much more prestige, which using the ‘Answer it’ service certainly has done for us.

A final note from Mr Radley
As a small business owner I am very sceptical about testimonials and self promotion, however this is a service I really believe in.  I am happy for people to email me direct to ask any questions, to which I will give an impartial answer so that you can see I am a real customer and the benefits we have experienced using the ‘Answer-it’ service.