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Global Graphics

Case Study 5

Global Graphics is a leading developer of software used in printing and electronic document solutions. Our technology is used by many of the world’s most recognised corporate brands, including -: HP, Onyx, Agfa, Quark and many more.

When our Receptionist/ Office Manager was due to take Maternity Leave we considered various ways of covering her duties. Most of her jobs could be divided among other employees without too much complaint, but none of us wanted our own work to be interrupted by having to answer the phone. We already had a good auto-attendant system in use when our receptionist was too busy to answer the phone, that could redirect callers to different departments or individuals or take a message. We considered just using that and checking the messages once a day, but from previous experience when Stephanie was on holiday or sick, people seemed both confused by the system and strangely reluctant to leave a message on it.

The Resolution
Was to use an answering service for calls. I expected this to be an expensive option as a resolution, but on investigation was pleasantly surprised. I looked closely at three companies but chose to use Answer-it firstly because they were much more geared to providing the kind of service we needed than trying to fit us into an existing customer profile. Secondly they are a local, privately owned company and thirdly because their billing system seemed both more straightforward and better value for money than the other two companies I considered.

Answer-it offers us a combination message service and call handling option, which means that the right people are notified of calls. Sales and Support issues are dealt with effectively and people do not have to navigate a complicated auto attendant system, they simply speak to the team at Answer-it and are connected to the relevant person.

Comments from Valerie Bibbey – Executive Assistant – Global Graphics
I have been really pleased with the result; many people have commented favourably on the fact that someone now always answers the phone and how helpful they are. Now they are used to getting a few of the same calls Answer-it are often able to clear calls themselves as they can direct people to our web sites or directly to whoever is most suitable within Global Graphics or answer queries themselves. For calls they can’t clear they send an email to me which are always full and concise.
We definitely made the right choices both in deciding to use an answering service and in choosing Answer-it.