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Haines Watts Chartered Accountants

Case Study 2

Haines Watts are a local firm of Chartered Accountants in Huntingdon that are part of the Haines Watts Group nationally. We work very closely with our clients and offer a partner led local service, with the unique support of a national network of specialists and experts. A local presence with national expertise.

The Huntingdon office is a relatively new addition to the Haines Watts group and at a time when there is much talk of a recession and difficult trading conditions, we decided to enter this new geographical market with a satellite office in the first instance. Our approach is simply to keep our costs to a minimum while we establish a reputation and build our client base. Naturally, this means that there are times when calls cannot be answered because our team is engaged with clients or attending networking events.

Answer-it are available to take calls for us at a moments notice. We do not even need to speak to anyone to tell them that the calls will be diverted so it is an immediate solution when the line is busy or when there is an unexpected visitor at the office. We receive emails throughout the day when calls are taken on our behalf and calls are returned as soon as a member of our own team is available. Our calls will even be diverted after three rings to ensure that our clients receive the best possible levels of service.

It is not as simple as to say that the service that Answer it provides is an answering service. Yes this is clearly key. However, we have noticed a considerable reduction in sales and unwanted calls to the office since the team at Answer-it have been in control. We have also been in a position to return key phone calls very promptly while in a different county offering a seamless service to our clients. The alternative for us would have been to employ a full time receptionist from day one of the new office, which would have been considerably more expensive. This is a simple solution to a complex problem and one that we will continue to use for overflow calls even after our full team is onsite in Huntingdon.