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We started offering this service formally in May 2016 and it has proved to be very popular.
So what is it and why is it so popular……

A simple add on service we offer whereby our clients can ask us to return phone calls on their behalf. It is saving our clients huge amounts of time.  Instead of them having to call people back who have a small request, need information or an update, The Answerettes do it for them.
Our clients simply email us back if they receive a message they want us to deal with.  The same person the caller spoke to will return the call making sure there is consistency for the caller.
It means that the information is conveyed quickly and without delay, any questions may have already been anticipated and discussed with our client.

The benefit to our clients is that they don’t get drawn into a lengthy phone call when they are already busy.  Their callers be they, suppliers or customers get what they need, and generally pretty quickly.  Callers are always pleased to get a response to their call.  It may be that The Answerettes are calling to say that the person they need isn’t actually able to talk until the following day, but the caller is assured that their contact is aware and the message they left was received.

Don’t take our word for it – this is what our clients have to say!

‘Answer-it staff calling our customers back on our behalf means that we can respond to many more enquiries and messages in the given time frame that we allow for calls & paperwork.

Also if we call customers and they are not in, instead of leaving a message on their answer machine, we can leave it with the staff and they will try them a few times until they can actually speak to the person. The customers like this & have given favourable comments about it on many occasions.
Sometimes we get that many enquiries, we will be working late into the evening, too late to return a call, but a quick email to the Answer It staff and they will call them with the information the customer required first thing in the morning while we are back in the workshop, making the products that the customers call for.
For the tiny cost of getting them to return a call or even make a new call (it doesn’t have to be to someone who has already called, they will ring anyone we ask them to), it saves us time & keeps the whole outfit on a professional level.
Since we have used Answer It, our phone & call back standards have increased and I can’t even think of going back to the situation we had before!’ Chris Moody – Loco Boxes.