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Obviously some things demand a script but we are strong believers that telephone calls don’t need them.

I am sure that everyone has experienced a phone call where the person on the other end was very obviously reading from a script and was unable to deviate from it.  Frustrating isn’t it especially when the reason for your call is simply not part of what is contained in it!

Earlier this year we started working with a client who insisted we use a script.

The reason…. Certain information has to be relayed to the caller with regards details of the service this particular client offers and the conditions under which the service is offered.  However callers often get frustrated and just want the answer to the question they called to ask.  They also get irritated by the restrictions issued by this particular business owner.
As a result the client has had some not so favourable feedback.

BUT Having discussed things with the client, he is super pleased that using the Answer-it service has meant he has grown his business by more than 70% in 7 months.  He is very appreciative of the ‘Front Line’ as he refers to us.  His aim is to grow his business rapidly and to get enough profit to fund the growth of the business.  He is well aware he is not going to win every client or be flavour of the month.

For the Answerettes though the method employed here does somewhat go against the grain.  As some calls have to be cut very short and there is simply no flexibility to accommodate any special requests or circumstances.  The Answerettes like to help and be as flexible as possible and help anyone calling in.

We know callers don’t like the script and while we don’t love it we certainly can work with it.
Although our clients in the main are happy for us to talk to the callers and gather the information they need to be able to respond by way of a conversation, discussing key requirements the caller has and making note of anything unusual the client should know about when returning a call or emailing the caller.

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