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Clients like boomerangs that come back!
It is always hard to lose a client, luckily for the Answerettes it doesn’t happen often and in most cases we are really happy to say goodbye! You see in our case our clients generally leave us as we have rescued lots of calls and been that helping hand so that they are able to move to the next level.  Employ staff full time or indeed move to larger office space.  Often the larger office space comes along with ‘services’ such as a reception that also offers a telephone answering service.

However it seems we are welcoming a number of clients back to our service.  Not because they are downsizing again but simply because where they have moved to doesn’t offer the same standard of service we offer.  We have even had reports of calls not being answered at all!

Sadly for some of our clients they get tied to long tedious contracts and are unable to come back as quickly as they would like to.  This  leaves them frustrated and annoyed.  One of our returning clients had this to say after we reinstated their line within minutes…..

‘We have used Answer-it for several years and were always pleased with the level of service and professionalism of staff. Recently we changed office premise and part of the package was that they provided a call answering service, however after only a few days we soon realised that calls were not getting answered and the quality of service was not to the high standards we had come to expect. Answer-it kindly reinstated our call handling service and we haven’t looked back since. Answer-it remain a vital tool in customer satisfaction and retention and we would highly recommend their service’

We should mention staff who leave our clients businesses and then recommend us to their new boss, or those that leave and start their own business and want to use the Answer-it telephone answering service.

We  have a number of clients who use us for AdHoc and Holiday cover.  Proving the theory that if you throw a boomerang correctly and treat it well it will come back.  Of  course the Answerettes don’t ‘throw’ our clients!  We simply treat them well and provide a fabulous reliable service, giving them peace of mind.

If you’d like to try the service for yourself, give us a call or send us an Email – we’d love to hear from you.