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Lately when I have been out and about at networking events or just generally talking to people about the Answer-it service the phrase ‘Customer Experience’ has jumped to the tip of my tongue.  I got to thinking about it and wondering about both ‘Customer Service’ and Customer Experience’  I wanted to know what people made of this (to me anyway) new terminology.  I am guessing it originated in the USA.

Talking and Understanding

So I got to talking to people about it, in terms of both what they understood it to mean to them, both as a customer and in terms of how it related to their business.  Thoughts were varied but really, most people came to a similar thought, that Customer Service  is something given to a customer and ‘Customer Experience’ is something that is in the hands of the customer, it’s what they take away having had an interaction with your business.  Important to note here though that to have a ‘Customer Experience’ lots of people mentioned that you don’t necessarily need to have bought / made a transaction with a company.  Indeed some went on to say that the customer experience continues even after a transaction has been made. 

It was clear that there are many facets to the ‘Customer Experience’  interaction with the website, making a telephone call to the business, the literature and printed material, reviews and blogs as well as social media interaction.  So an awful lot to take in and to manage as a business owner.

Personal thoughts on giving and taking

Personally I keep coming back to the same thoughts though and that is – If the ‘Customer Experience’ is what the Customer ‘takes’ then surely the business has to provide this.  Following this then if the business has to provide it, it is given and is therefore one and the same as ‘Customer Service’ albeit perhaps highlighting the fact that this can be on the different levels mentioned earlier, and not necessarily involve a transaction, but always an interaction.

So is ‘Customer Experience’ the right term or do we need to add ‘Prospect Experience,’  ‘Current Customer Experience’  to the repertoire too?  Personally I don’t think so, but the USA and business speak type people might think so.  Perhaps ‘Service’ on it’s own is a better fit?

Regardless what you call it though, it’s all about caring for all the people who come into contact with your business and creating a brilliant impression on them.  Whether they are your oldest most faithful customer or a passing prospect who might just become your newest raving fan.  So however you interact with them make sure you are sending out the right message.

STOP READING HERE or   How we can help – Simply

Of course I’d like to advocate here the benefits of Answer-it Telephone Answering Service and how we can help you in this quest.  Making sure anyone who calls your business get’s that brilliant impression of your business.  Really something as simple as letting people speak to real people every time they call is getting even more important.  But I’ll stop there!