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So you are at a point in your business where you are out of the office a bit and have a lot of work to do.  You are considering taking on your first employee or even another employee.  Exciting times ahead, it’s a big step to take on a staff member. There is an awful lot to consider -:
Is there really enough work to justify another salary?
Do you have enough office space or would taking on another staff member mean an office move?
What is the real cost of a staff member?
Of course we all know about PAYE, NI,HolidayPay, Pensions, and of course salary.

Recruitment Cost

Have you thought about the cost of recruiting?  You could put an advert in the local paper, use the Job Centre and other online job boards, use a recruitment agent or even just ask around. Great but what is the actual cost?  Advertising, time and energy.  You might get a really good response, equally, you might not.  How long might it take to find the right person?   Are you really comfortable interviewing people, following all the correct HR procedures, making sure you don’t ask something you really aren’t meant to.

Eliminate The Issue

Using a Telephone Answering Service means that you can eliminate all those issues.  We can start working for you almost immediately, you pay us a fraction of the cost of employing a new member of staff. A starting salary for a receptionist is around £18k pa that doesn’t include all those other extra hidden costs.  Our service can cost you less than £500 per year (depending on call volume)

Our skilled team answer your calls just as your in house receptionist would, in your company name, gathers all the relevant details.  Of course some callers might just call to ask a simple question, to check an address or opening times.  Others may need to leave a simple message, some callers may have a complex issue to discuss.  Regardless of who calls your business and needs a return phone call, all the information is forwarded to you, to action as and when you can or want to.