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First Impressions Count – Vs – Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

So do you agree or disagree with either of the statements (cliche’s) above? Do you feel that you fall into one camp or another?

How improtant are first impressions to you? Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?
I’m not sure about you but I certainly like to think I am morally superior and will wait to get to know someone or at least speak to them before I make an snap judgement about their character based on their appearance / demeanor. I have certainly been very surprised when I have done this and have met some fabulously outstanding indivduals by employing this cliche in my life.

On a trip to New York on the first night I ended up in a mainstream bar / restaurant. My Husband and I had ventured in from the rain after a shoe shopping session in Macy’s! (You can imagine he was in need of a very well deserved beer or two!)

We were sat at the bar when two guys walked in. Clearly local Italian New Yorkers. Big guys very intimidating, loud and there for a good after work drink. Being very ‘English’ we were keeping very much to ourselves when they offered to buy us a drink – we politely declined. On hearing our accents they insisted and came to talk to us about all sorts of topics including 9/11, they gave us tips on what was good to see and do in New York and host of other topics and jokes. My first impression of these two, was that they were rowdy and perhaps ready for trouble. Having spoken to them and had a drink (or many) with them it became clear that these guys were great, really amazing people, who were directly involved in 9/11 they had lost co workers that day. Before my eyes the the machismo slipped away and showed what huge caring hearts these two men had.

We women, like to think our first impression is right, that we have a gut instinct perhaps ‘Womans Intuition.’ I guess this is also the ‘I told you so’ instinct or the ‘I knew there was something not quite right’ instinct. Happily on this occasion I was wrong, very wrong. I could not have wished to meet two more kind and entertaining people.
I am sure many people have a story to tell along these lines. Where someone has surprised you and has been the polar opposite of whom they appear to be on first impression. This example is simply one of many experiences I have had in my life so far, on most occassions I have been glad I haven’t made a snap judgement and have taken time out to chat.

However when it comes to business I am not sure all of us claim this moral high ground.

If I go to a shop and I need help, but there is no one around to help me and the shop is not swarming with customers, I often feel a little put out but go on to the next shop or even the next until I get the help and service I need. This can certainly be a frustrating experience and often makes me wonder how many other people walk away from this situation and how many sales these inattentive business have let slip through their fingers.

I guess when telephoning a business it is easier to simply telephone the next company on the list if I get an engaged tone, voice mail or worse still the phone just rings out. I always feel neglected and uncared for if this happens. On reflection I also think I have had a lucky escape. The business I have called obviously does not have the time to deal with me, may not be large enough to cope with my enquiry and the service that follows is likely to be dreadful if they cannot even deal with new enquiries.

Of course my Snap judgement here may not be correct. BUT when it comes to spending my money I want to make sure I am getting a good return on my investment, that I am getting the service I think I am due for the price I am paying.
What first impression are you giving out either personally or in business?

Not everyone reading this blog post will agree with me. I am sure many of you will agree that in business you have no time, so you have to go on first impressi0ns, therefore very clearly ‘judging a book by it’s cover.’ With 80% of people not calling back or leaving voicemail is clear that the majority of people in business make fast decisions based on a single brief experience.

Creating the right first impression is vital. By getting it right each and every time, your image and reputation grows. Pretty soon your reputation preceeds your business in a wonderful way as well as your customer base starting to reccomend your products / services to others.

By taking time to get to know your business the Answer it team can help you make an excellent first impression everytime someone calls your business.

Until next time