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Not being able to get an answer on the phone. As well as endless emails without response or worse bouncing emails and unreturned phone calls gives out signals we are sure your business doesn’t want to be sending.  For example that you are too busy, too small to cope, or even that you have gone out of business….  Without clear communication it is human nature for the imagination to run riot.

This is not just a business – client issue, this could well be a business – supplier issue.  Small businesses often collaborate, that’s hard to do if information is not forthcoming.

Not knowing and not asking can be as a consequence of procrastination, but think of it like this, if you don’t ask you won’t get and without asking you will never know.

If you have promised feedback to someone or an update about some work, it’s best to make the call even if you have nothing to say.  It is always reassuring to hear from someone when they tell you, you will.  Even if it isn’t great news or there is a delay on the project, even if there is nothing to say. At least you are reliable, present and accountable. If you don’t tell someone something, they simply do not know it.  It isn’t even a case of them being able to guess.

Communication in business is key, it is purely and simply the backbone of what good business and what great customer service is all about.

If you cannot be contacted easily by phone (forget the business cards with endless lists of phone numbers!) or respond to email requests then you simply aren’t communicating with your clients and suppliers.  But rest assured your competitors will be.  Your silence certainly won’t bring you the gold!

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