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Recently a number of our clients have been moving office, so our blog post today is prompted by this.

The upheaval of the office move

Each of them have let us know they are moving and very wisely arranged their diverts before they moved so that during the upheaval of  ‘Moving day / even week’  Service to their customers and suppliers was unaffected.

The Answer-it Team (The Answerettes) were able to continue taking calls and the pressure of mobile phones ringing and issues with phone lines and missing calls has been well and truly off the list of stress for these business owners.

Most are now comfortably settled in their new premises, some are still experiencing  a few teething problems with telephone suppliers (they shall remain nameless!) For those still having issues though, they know that all calls are being answered and dealt with efficiently.

One of our clients had this to say – :

‘With the Trauma of moving 1 address to another we wanted to be well prepared for any issues with phone companies, that we might encounter.  We wanted to  plan ahead for the flexibility of moving ‘our way.’ to do things more efficiently working to own agenda and timetable.  Using the ‘Answer-it service meant that we were able to do this without any fuss.  Having used Answer-it for sometime there was no disruption to the service we provide our clients  

Troels Jordanssen – Breast Health UK

Planning Ahead.

In conclusion then it appears it pays well to plan ahead and be able to work to your own agenda and timetable.  Get in touch – we can help.