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Love them?

Don’t you just LOVE them?  So while auto dialers and recorded calls are quite easy to figure out and hang up on, the cold caller can be more tricky!

Usually the caller will verify the name of the company they are calling. (Annoying because you just answered with it.)
They will then go on to ask for ‘The Managing Director.’ (Annoying when they are not calling a Limited Company.) or ‘The Person in charge of…..’ / ‘The Office Manager.’  ‘The Owner.’ (Annoying when they have called a Limited Company.)

The responses you get range from the inane to cheeky to downright rude at times.  Well that is if the caller can understand you.  It  still  puzzles me that a business trying to sell its products by telephone through the cold calling medium employ people who clearly cannot speak the language of those they are calling. [Answers on a postcard!]

When offered a call back they respond with ‘Ok I will call them back,’ and then hang up.  It is very clear that they weren’t listening to a word you said.

But it is the frustration of picking up these calls especially if you are involved in a piece of work, just walking out of the door, or expecting an important call.

Volume of calls and Trial Period

We recently covered the phones over a trial period for a company.  During the week we passed on just 5 messages.  They were either orders, sales enquiries or relating to a service call.  The company signed up straight away, without hesitation.  Why I hear you asking – 5 calls surely they could handle those internally without the need to outsource.  Ahhh, the why is made clearer when we reveal that over the week the Answerettes actually took around 60 calls for this client.  All sales calls, recorded messages or auto dialers.  They were so pleased that all these calls had been eliminated from their business, they had no hesitation in signing up.

Recently a cold caller did manage to reach one of our clients [we assume her divert was turned off] and she told us the cold caller described you guys as ‘the best gatekeepers in history!’ 

Would you like a trial of the Answer-it service to put our gatekeeping to the test?