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Customer Expectation and Managing Customer Expectation

It sounds like a very impressive and trendy new business buzzword or phrase doesn’t it.  In fact it isn’t anything new, but comes down to communication and common sense.  Let me explain…..

 Part 1 – Customer Expectation

Customer Expectation is anything that you offer your clients or make your clients aware your business can do for them. This includes anything in your marketing collateral, as well as your website, and importantly conversations you have with your client or prospects.  Crucially this will also include the contract you draw up with your them.

In very simple terms it really is setting the bar for work you have agreed to undertake for your client.  It’s all about what you have told  them they should expect from you.  As well as what you expect from them.

 Part 2 – Managing Customer Expectation

Managing  customer expectations simply comes down to communication; keeping to deadlines and communicating any issues, making sure the client is kept informed of progress and indeed lack of progress if an unexpected situation has arisen.  In fact there are times when you might need to call a client to let them know that you have nothing to report.  As a client it is far better to know what is going on than being left to imagine all sorts of things.  It seems to be human nature to assume the worst if no contact is made.

 Our clients are able to use our service to manage customer expectation very effectively.  They are able to let us know when they are not going to be available, and when it is likely they will receive a return telephone call, or when the person they wish to speak to will be available.  They are able to give us information in case a particular caller reaches our team and we can relay this to them.  For example, when a specific product or item might be available, or an update on a project our client might be undertaking.

The Old Addage

There is an old adage of ‘under promise and over deliver.’  I think it is worth adding at least be realistic and at the very minimum do what you say you will when you say that you will.

By managing customer expectation in this way you are able to build trust and credibility in your brand and motivate your clients to be loyal, so that they become repeat customers and indeed advocates of your brand.

Call us today to have a chat about how we can help you with this, we understand it isn’t always possible to do it all yourself.