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Time it’s a funny thing there is never enough of it. In your free time and in business time seems to dissapear like sand through your fingertips.

All the business guru’s and coaches out there all profess about ‘Time’ and how precious it is and how you should set time aside from doing the ‘do’ and from working in the business to working on your business.

So then where do you find this time? Have you found the magic pause button for your business yet? If you have can you tell me where it is I’d love to know.

If you get into the office and on your drive in you have put together an ambitious ‘To Do’ list for the day you are fired up and ready to get going. You get stuck in to your first task your day is going well you strike that one off your list and move on to your second task then the phone rings.

What do you do?

Do you answer the phone and break your concentration, scuppering your chances of not completing your ‘To Do List?’

It might be a great order or piece of business that is very lucrative, it might only be a short call with someone who needs a little piece of information. But it might be a sales call or a call from a client that could eat up most of your morning and possibly beyond. If this is the case – how many more people are trying to get through while you are on that call, to make that order, if callers hear an engaged tone generally they will not call back. Just think how you feel when you try to call a business and the telephone rings out or you get an engaged tone. What image of the business does this portray?

Do you Let the answerphone pick it up? Well as only 1 in 5 people will leave a message can you work with those odds? If the caller leaves a message how long can you leave it before you listen to the message? Is the message clear enough for you to know who had called and what they need?

So if you are out of the office taking time out to work on the business what happens? Does the phone just ring out or do you use voicemail?

We all need time in business. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to manage your time and tasks efficiently. How much smoother could your business run. Wouldn’t it be great to press that pause button on that ringing phone and speak to those callers as and when you have the time and mindset to do so.

Of course there is no magic pause button – no matter what Hollywood promises. Using an efficient telephone answering service can help with your time management and go some way to being an effective ‘Pause Button’ for your business.

Until next time